Rid your Topeka, KS home of cockroaches fast!!! Guaranteed!!!

  • Do you have an active cockroach infestation in your Topeka area home?
  • Have you tried the DIY route, but not gotten the result that you had hoped for?
  • Have you paid a PCO to deal with the problem and found that they did not deliver on their promise?


Good news!!! You do not have to live with these roaches much longer. Honest Pest Control has a 4 service program that will send the roaches packing and bring the peace back to your home. THIS IS A GUARANTEED ROACH ELIMINATION PROGRAM.

"I am so confident in this program that if we have not eliminated your roach problem by the 4th visit, we will follow up until they are gone, for FREE!!!"
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Nick Kemper
Owner Honest Pest Control

German Cockroaches are difficult pest to control.

Bug bombs don’t work. Sure you may kill some of the population, but elimination is not likely. Not to mention, they fog the entire room with chemical, with poison. Here is a study on the inefficacy of bug bombs.

The old spray and pray isn’t going to be very effective either. Sure, many will die but unless you get that treatment right up in where the roaches are hiding results will be hit and miss. Not to mention, poison is still being sprayed around the place where you prepare your food, where your pets snoop around for crumbs, where your baby crawls. 

Honest Pest Control has a better way

Here at Honest Pest Control we have pets, we have had babies crawling around on the floor, and we like to enjoy our food uncontaminated by pesticides. This is why we created the Guaranteed Roach Elimination program. This program provides a minimal risk solution to cockroach infestations in your Topeka home. 

We believe that you should get the result that you are paying for when you buy a roach control service. We also believe that you should not have to worry about whether or not the treatments and treatment methods being used are as safe as possible. It should be a given.

Our program consists of 4 services, an initial and 3 follow ups. These will all be scheduled before the service starts, so you don’t have to wonder when we will be back. You will also receive email and text alerts when a service date is approaching, because we realize that when life gets going it is sometimes easy to forget things.

Our guarantee is that if the first 4 services are paid for, and completed on schedule, and you are still seeing roaches, we will perform the additional necessary follow ups to eliminate them, for FREE.

The Cockroach BBB (Behavior, Biology and Bait)


When you look at roach biology, specifically German Cockroaches, you will find some reasons why they are a difficult pest to deal with. First, they have an insane reproduction rate. It has been said that, under optimal conditions, a single female roach can result in hundreds of thousands of roaches in a single year. Granted, they aren’t likely to find the optimal conditions in your home, but even a fraction of that is a lot of roaches.

Second, German Roach egg capsules are not susceptible to pesticides because they have a waxy coating protecting them. This coupled with the fact that females will often hide the capsules makes the new hatches harder to control. If you are interested, here is an article that PCT Magazine did on German Roaches.


You have to become familiar with the behavior of the pest that you are dealing with. You will typically see about 10% of a roach population. These are the roaches that your bug bomb will kill, assuming they aren’t resistant to the chemical. These pests are extremely proficient at hiding. Cockroaches have several other behavioral traits that are fairly disgusting so we will skip over those here. Suffice it to say, this is necessary information to have if you want to eliminate these pests.


At Honest Pest Control, bait is the primary means of control for cockroach infestations. There are a number of reasons that we take this approach. Here are a few.

  1. It is safer. When bait is applied properly, the risk of off-target contamination is extremely low.
  2. It is non-intrusive. We have the tools needed to get to hard-to-reach spots. This means that in most cases, we will not need to ask you to empty cabinets.
  3. We have educated ourselves on the discusting behavior mentioned above, along with plenty of other behavioral and biological roach information. Our system uses the cockroaches natural tendencies against them to ensure elimination.

Is it the roaches that are making you sick?

  • Cockroach feces, saliva and body parts are proven asthma triggers. 
  • Cockroaches have been found to be vectors for over 30 different kinds of bacteria, including Salmonella and E. coli.
  • Parasitic worms can travel in roaches.
  • Various viruses and other human pathogens have also been found on or in roaches.

If you have been dealing with chronic health issues, it could be due to your roach infestation. Google has a wealth of information on this subject. Here is one example.

How much does this program cost?

If you live in or near Topeka, KS and have a cockroach infestation, ask yourself these questions.

  1. Do I want them gone?
  2. Do I want a company that guarantees results?
  3. Do I value the safety of my family?
  4. Is that safety more important than the cheapest deal?

Honest Pest Control is a family owned business. Because of that, we understand being on a limited budget. This understanding has brought us to two conclusions. First, we will not lock you into a contract for this program. That means that if we are able to achieve elimination in 2 visits, you are not required to continue. Second, you pay for the services as they are rendered, rather than all up front. This helps to ease the hit on your wallet.

If you have made it this far, you should have a good idea if our services will be a good fit for you. The pricing for the Guaranteed Roach Elimination program is as follows.

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