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Our IPM will solve pest problems in your Topeka home safe and fast. GUARANTEED!!!

At Honest Pest Control we use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) so that we can limit the chemical needed to control pest problems in your Topeka, KS home. When you pay your hard earned money for a service, you deserve to have the safest, most effective pest control possible. This is Honest Pest Control.

We proudly serve Topeka and the surrounding areas, providing top-notch results and experience to our clients. Let Honest Pest Control show you why we are rated 5 stars on Google.

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...Now i'm at the end of summer of 2019 and let me tell you we have NOT SEEN ONE SINGLE ANT. It has been a complete non-issue. Nick is professional and takes care of the problem. I highly recommend. Hire Nick you will not be sorry. Thank you Honest Pest Control.
A longtime IPM client and resident of Topeka
Aaron Koker

What is Integrated Pest Management?

Is that safe? It doesn't feel safe.

Your pest control guy arrives at your door, big silver can in hand, and asks if you have seen any problems. If you have not seen anything, he proceeds to work his way to the right, spraying the baseboards of your home. You think to yourself, is that going to stain? Isn’t that poison? You might even ask yourself, if the pests come from outside, why are you treating inside? You don’t want them in your house at all, right?   

Another scenario. You have consistent rodent issues each fall, going into the winter months. Your “guy” (hopefully) tells you about a number of possible entry points, but expects you to make these repairs. Doesn’t he realize how busy you are? 

Safe and Effective Pest Control for Topeka

Yes, that is poison and no, inside your home is not the best place for it. Honestly, unless proper care is taken, outside isn’t a whole lot better. Without proper care, off target kills become an issue. Typical general use pesticides and rodenticides make no distinction between a cockroach and a bee. Or, a house mouse and your dog. This is why you need someone who takes all of this into consideration with every single service.

Integrated Pest Management is not a new idea. This idea started in the 70’s as a means to make pest control safer by limiting the need of pesticides. In short, Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, suggests the use of environmental, mechanical and even biological methods of control BEFORE using any pesticide. When a population of insects or other pests is disrupted by one of these other means, it makes them easier to eliminate. 

But my PCO says they use IPM.

The proof is in the pudding. Proper Integrated Pest Management takes time. Even though many say they provide an IPM service, most Pest Control Operators do not. This can be due to any number of reasons. Mostly it’s because it is faster to just spray, and faster means more profit. This is one of the reasons that we limit the amount of work each tech does per day. So that each client gets the attention they deserve.

Nick is a trustworthy businessman who will always work for your best interests. That's rare today. I highly recommend Honest Pest Control. He'll do a great job for you.
A great IPM client and Topekan
Terry Barnes

This shouldn't need to be said.

There was a time when deals were closed with handshakes. When integrity was ample and words were binding. Most people did what they said they would do. The Bible says that “A good name is to be desired more than great riches”. Whether you subscribe to the whole book, or not, that is good advice. 

Honesty and Integrity guide all that we do here. You will never have to worry if someone is pulling the wool over your eyes to make a quick buck.

Nick is absolutely great and HONEST to work with! Bagworms have been a huge problem this year all over town and I waited too long to call and have Nick come out. Once we finally scheduled a time to treat the trees, the bagworms had pretty much went dormant for the season. Nick could have easily treated the trees and I would have had no idea that it wasn't necessary at that point. He advised me to wait until the spring as our money would be best spent waiting. The fact that he didn't just go ahead and treat the trees, knowing I wouldn't have known the difference, speaks volumes. I will absolutely be using this company for the bagworms and any other insect problems we may have in the spring. Don't hesitate to give Nick a call for any of your pest issues. Thanks, Nick!
A fan of Integrated Pest Management and Honesty
Crystal Koenig

Popular Packages

Here you will find our 3 most popular service options. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please be sure to give us a call.

Environmentally-Safe Silver

No Contract, Cancel Anytime Maintenance Subscription Available

Our Environmentally-Safe Silver service provides an Integrated Pest Management approach to reliably eliminate your pest issues. This package is for clients who either, just want to address a current infestation or, would prefer not to maintain a subscription.

Roaches and Rodents: Discounts available for multiple pests
German Roach, Oriental Roach, Camel Cricket, Asian Lady Beetle, Pantry Pest, House Mouse, Norway Rat, Wildlife, and more...

One Time Fee starting at $297

I had a roach problem this past summer and for a couple months I tried to take care of the problem on my own. My attempt to eliminate the bugs failed so I contacted a professional. I emailed Nick, he got back to me right away, we scheduled a day for him to come out, he came and spent around 30 min inspecting and treating the areas where the bugs were nesting. I noticed a significant decrease in roaches after the first treatment and now after 3 treatments my home is roach free. Having roaches in my home was a nightmare, I'm relieved they are no longer an issue. Nick was always respectful and professional, I definitely recommend his services.
Another customer satisfied with the IPM method
Gephsy Del Real
Nick is polite and very professional. He takes the time to explain options and keeps your best interest in mind. He treated our yard for ants and they didn't return all spring and summer. Typically we have to treat the yard multiple times a month but one treatment from Nick and they have been gone over 5 or 6 months now!
A big fan of Integrated Pest Management in Topeka, KS
Lesleigh Hodam

Environmentally-Safe Gold

Save $100 on initial service and up to 20% on monthly subscription.

Our Environmentally-Safe Gold service protects your home from uninvited guests. This service is designed for the client who desires to

Ants & Roaches: 15 Major Pests
Odorous House Ant, German Roach, Oriental Roach, Camel Cricket, Field Cricket, House Cricket, Asian Lady Beetle, Pill Bug, Sow Bug, Millipede, Centipede, Pantry Pest, Stink Bug, Spider, and Silverfish

Starting at $27/Month

Environmentally-Safe Platinum

Save over $200 on initial service and up to 20% on monthly subscription.

Our Environmentally-Safe Platinum Service extends your haven into your yard with kid safe mosquito reduction and a pet safe flea and tick guard. This is designed for the client who wants the next level of protection.

Mosquitoes & Fleas: Over 25 Major Pests
Odorous House Ant, German Roach, Oriental Roach, Camel Cricket, Field Cricket, House Cricket, Asian Lady Beetle, Boxelder Bug, Japanese Beetle, Pill Bug, Sow Bug, Millipede, Centipede, Pantry Pest, Stink Bug, Silverfish, Stinging Insects, House Flies, Drain Flies, Mosquito, Flea, Tick, Chiggers, Clover Mites, and Rodents*
Starting at $67/Month
Local small business and Nick goes above and beyond. For instance, the mix on my composter was off and causing me to have a lot of flies. Nick went to house, got leaves, and brought them back to put into my composter so that the balance would be restored
New to Topeka and to IPM
Johnathan Sublet

Environmentally-Safe Ultimate

The Environmentally-Safe Ultimate package is for the client who does not want to wonder if a certain pest is included in their plan. This package covers everything.

You will not find a pest control program like this offered anywhere else in Topeka.

Pricing Starts at $127/Month

Topeka, KS 66618


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